About Us

We have become the trusted suppliers to all importers of beef products worldwide, including, wholesalers, distributors, major supermarket chains, ship chandlers, and government agencies

About us



Situated in Tarariras, Colonia department of Uruguay, a refrigiration Plant. Uruguayan Meat Suppliers is an agroindustrial enterprise which is mainly dedicated to the breeding, fattening, slaughter and export of ovine meat and also dealing in bovine meat. We are a supplier of high quality meat products for local and international markets.

Led by the enthusiasm and hard work of the younger descendants, the plant went through a process of modernization which increased its production capacity and granted access to new national and international markets. Both great experience and an enormous capacity for hard work have made us one of the main beef meat suppliers in Uruguay and the efforts of the industrial plant directories have also obtained for the company the highest quality certifications and sanitary standards.

Cattle in Uruguay live in a true paradise. The fertile land, spacious green plains, an abundance of rivers and brooks, and a moderate climate provide ideal circumstances that guarantee animal welfare.
How We Produce

Livestock is carefully raised grazing in rich pastures which guarantee the fattening of the animal and the quality of its meat: two principal objectives made possible due to the fact that our fields are closely controlled, in absolutely natural production conditions. The breeding process is supported by veterinarians, agronomists and specialized professionals who permanently study and monitor procedures. In addition, Uruguay has adopted an animal traceability system which makes available information regarding to each animal's breed, sex, age, origin, movements, production system, feeding type, medicine applied, transportation system, slaughter, processing and merchandising of products and by products.

Our Mission

We are part and parcel of our company, instructing our people to achieve the most important certifications according to the norms of the international industry.


To grow our company with a prominence in the meat industry, both nationally and internationally, integrating meat products of the highest quality in the complete value chain.

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